ideas for the game

My first suggestion would be that citizenship should be determined by birth. If one wishes to change citizenship, then this should be enabled. I believe that this is more consistent with the “real life” aspect of the game. On the subject of inheritance, I am only in partial disagreement. Perhaps something like a tax, where only a portion of the wealth accumulated by the deceased is collected and redistributed. Marriage is another topic with which I disagree in the new world. Just because some governments chose to use people’s sexual orientation as means to persecute, does not justify opposition to the idea of marriage all together. After all, there a many many people who want to get married. To some it is a matter of religion. The new world should only refrain from promoting marriage, or the government’s ideal for what a domestic partnership should look like. The fourth decree regarding land ownership is similar to the issue of inheritance. I believe that inheritance (of land and or money) does have incentives for good. Consider a situation in which a family’s provider passes away. The dependents of the deceased need some way to carry on financially. With respect to land, does the whole family get kicked off of their land when the registered lessee passes away? So my disagreement with inheritance and land ownership is out of consideration for the survivor’s perspective.

I am actually pretty satisfied with the choice of citizenship because people should not be limited to their own states or countries. As our real world becomes more and more globalized, the free flow of capital, information, technology, as well as people should all be enabled. I think it is a brilliant idea to get rid of birthright. However, I can't agree with degrading the private properties. Although I am fine with no inheritance, since the assets of an individual represents his or her own effort and achievement (of course one can share his/her wealth with others at their wills, but after they die, it is sort of unfair for their dependents to inherent their assets effortlessly from them), the private properties should be protected and respected as long as the owner is alive. Even these properties are sun by the states, the states should insure the life-time usage right to the residents.

Secondly, in response to the comment about land inheritance -- what if the land then went to the State, who was in charge of distributing land fairly upon citizen's deaths? If society was used to the idea of moving around (which complies with the idea of 'free movement') then I don't think people would protest to this idea because no matter what they would have some land to live on. Furthermore, those who do not have a place to live (think of all the homeless right now) will receive their 'equal' portion as well.

In this new world will marriage be perceived as a logical practice? Perhaps religion won't even advance marriage in the game if people aren't receiving benefits from the State. What exactly would "marriage" be for people who aren't religious, and would breaking marriage vows even matter? I think that it makes sense to eradicate all marriage laws in the game, and if marriage is in fact a "natural" course of action for humans than it will come about whether the game mandates it or not. However, I agree that if people did still want to marry as a religious act they should be able to- perhaps marriage will become some sort of ritual such as taking Communion as a Christian. Just some thoughts!