lbaguirre Family Videos

The first video I have posted above conveys what I consider to be a desirable family. In the video, the mother aims to discipline her children (beginning at a young age) in order to discourage violence towards others. She also encourages the children to show remorse for wrongful/ abusive actions by teaching them to apologize for what they've done wrong. The abuse of another child (in this case a sibling) is thus, transferred into an aknowledgement of inappropriate behavior and restitution is made. Others may feel that such apologies are forced and therefore contain no intrinsic or lasting value. I think however, that illustrating the proper behavior at a young age will eventually have a positive impression of intolerence towards abuse as a child matures into adulthood.

The second video I have posted is what I consider to be an undesirable family due to the violent nature that the mother and son exhibit. In the video, it is clear that the son is hurt and upset by what he percieves as abuse from him mother. The mother, in turn, tries to justify her behavior which results in the son slapping her. In this particular instance, it appears as though familial violence is cyclical. Others may argue, however, that physical parental control is necessary to maintain a child's level of obedience and preserve respect from the child. I maintian that without any sort of remorse or behavior modification from either party, it seems inevitable to me that such a pattern of abuse will be transferred to the next generation of children.