Billy Ha - video clip

This scene from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is my idea of a desirable family. In the show, Will's father returns after leaving him as a child. Yet, his father decides to leave him again. As Will breaks down, his uncle embraces Will like a father would. The common belief is that nothing is stronger than family because family is blood. Yet, Will's uncle who is not a blood relative of Will embraces him and shows his love for his nephew. This shows that the conception of family bonds can be much more than just being related by blood, but instead by just love and care. It will be then interesting to look at how the state creates their own definition of what a "family" is.

This ending from the Godfather II portrays an interesting and undesirable aspect of the family. At 1:55, Sonny, the eldest brother of the family, says "Your country ain't your blood, you remember that." He is referring to the soldiers who enlisted into the army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In other words, those who are willing put their loyalty to their country over their family are wrong. What I find troubling is not that Sonny values family over country, but the fact that loyalty to one means ultimate loyalty to one only. The scene implies that loyalty can never be shared to both the country and the family (as Michael's enlisting in the marines infuriates Sonny as an act of almost family treason). In the beginning of the clip, Sonny uses aggressive language to berate the attacks upon his country. Yet he quickly, dismisses those that wish to defend their country. Creating a dichotomy of loyalty to country versus loyalty to family can be potentially harmful to family bonds when faced against the state.