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In this video i do not like how these kids had grown up with a selected diet designated by their father. They were reaised on a raw food diet and when they did the wife swap the "new" mom made them go out to get some food, cooked o course, and the family basically gets sick from the food. The dad breaks down and cries and i cannot stand how he says that he loves his kids and what not and cant stand to seethem in pain, well he should of thought about that before he messed with their digestive systems. Strict parents that subject their kids to speceifc routines create kids that resemble robots more than free people making their own descions. What i do loke about this clip is that the father finally does realize that what he was doing might not of been such a smart move. Realization leads the way to change. My family makes me happy and I wouldn't want to belong to another family. Families that support their kids and enable their children to make decisions on their own as they grow up, families that support their kids through anything are the most promising.