Kenisha Day
The Osbourne’s they represent the dysfunctional, malicious family unit. The Osbourne’s are not the desireable family because they exude immorality. This clip demonstrates Ozzy’s lack of respect for his wife Sharon. Ozzy shouts at his wife, uses foul language, and acts juvenile. Instead of being the leader of the family by being a positiving, motivating force, Ozzy and Sharon undermine their leadership and credibility. Their screams of obscenities, the throwing of clothes, and more show that the family is unable to effectively communicate with each other, thus creating a hostile environment.
This episode from the Roseanne Show is a desireable family for me because the family is not only sarcastic and exciting, but it depicts a solution to real life issues. It is important for a family to be honest and open with each other, and at the end of the clip, Becky realizes the consequences of holding secrets from the family. The clip shows the family resolving their issues, rather than attacking one person, creating a solution to a problem that will result in resentment or create future conflict. By settling the conflict, Roseanne’s family demonstrates the importance of communication and conflict resolution through dialogue and reaching compromises.