Michelle Rousseau- Video clips


Shown in this clips are the mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory in the television show Gilmore Girls. It is an example of the strong bond the two women share. Rory consoles her mother after a bad break-up just as would normally happen in reverse. The relationship between the two is very unique in that Lorelai is a single mother, so the two really depend on eachother all of the time. It is a good example of how single parents can be successful in raising good children and the love that each has for the other.


This clip from the OC demonstrates the negative effects of separated parents. Marissa feels she needs to act out and drink to solve her problems and her separated, but present parents are unable to discipline her. This family is very disfunctional originally due to money problems. The parents continue to set bad examples which leads to Marissa's discontent with her life and her family.