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In this clip parents are show supporting their children at a little league baseball game. While some parents may consider themselves to be supporting their child and helping them by reacting the way which the adults do in this video, it is not a positive family atmosphere and example. The parents who are role models for their children should be setting an example and showing them fair play and how to learn from their own mistakes. However, they are acting in an aggressive way and showing their children that it is ok to used violent behavior and hostility towards other people to achieve what they desire. Ideally parents would be congratulating their children on their performance and letting them know it is ok to not be first and that they can learn from their mistakes.


In this clip of the television program Jon Kate plus 8, all of the children in the family are shown to be treated equally. The children are set an example by their parents and are directed in how to behavior towards other people. They are taught that bad behavior will receive punishment, but in a non violent way. Some people may argue that children would need more discipline than that which is shown, and would punish their children using force or another aggressive manor. I believe that the family in this clip portrays a positive image. Each child has a role model and is taught how to act towards others without being controlled in a hostile manor. The parents give equal care to all of the children even though they are a large family.