Valentine - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
The video portrays some images of the Cosa Nostra family, Italian mafia. I condemn their criminal activities in every way, however, I am also of the opinion that these types of families are examples of ‘positive’ within-family atmospheres due to the fact that they are extremely close, and will go to great lengths to save and protect one of their own. Assassinations justified by the idea of ‘protection’ or the ‘eye-for-an-eye’ phenomenon are not excusable, yet demonstrate unconditional love and family pride.
This clip features the Cosby family. I believe this to be an example of a positive atmosphere as the daughter is able to talk to her parents about more personal issues in her life. Furthermore, towards the end, as Bill is talking to Daryl, traditional roles within the family are discussed by the two ‘generations’ and their differing opinions are shown, Daryl being much more prepared to do a ‘woman’s’ chores. I believe that the ability to express your opinion freely is very important. More specifically, Daryl’s opinion in itself, portraying a change in perception of men and women and their duties with respect to Bill Cosby.
This video clip revolves around Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley. Dudley is ridiculing Harry in front of his friends, not only regarding his ‘sleeping’ but also with regards to his mother who has passed away. This is a negative atmosphere as Dudley’s behaviour towards his cousin shows absolutely no respect in the human being to human being sense, but more importantly because Dudley acts very ‘coldly’ towards him.

(Not 100% sure whether the following is relevant to the assignment as it results directly from government policy rather than ‘natural’ behaviour)
The video clip concerns China’s one child policy. I believe this policy demonstrates a negative family atmosphere as baby girls are now ‘frowned upon’ and put into orphanages or even killed, simply due to the fact that boys are considered to be ‘more valuable’. Even though this is a government policy which has to be adhered to, it has caused not only a limited population growth, but has also changed perception in such a way that it has led to a possible ‘decrease’ in rights of baby girls as compared to baby boys.