Lauren's Family Video

Run's House is an MTV reality show broadcasting the lives of the Simmons family. This family is desirable to me because they are stable, loving, and are always in constant communication. Rev Run prides himself in being a father to 6 children, and is constantly teaching them life lessons. The siblings always have each other to lean on, and to learn from. The parents provide for their children, and while at times they are spoiled, due to their economic standing, they often teach their children to be modest and exhibit self control.

In every Intervention show, the family is analyzed and criticized for enabling or creating the reality of the addict. Since most of us develop habits at a young age, and look to our parents for positive examples of how to behave in the world, it is essential to have a stable family situation growing up. This young woman, Caylee, did not. The parents in this family are not attempting to help her get clean, and her mother in particular has not been a great role model in living a healthy life. The father enables her by giving her money for drugs. Her addiction to heroine and cocaine is reflective of her family dynamic and abandonment issues.