Liz Family Clips

This is a scene from one of my favorite TV shows, Brothers & Sisters. In this scene, the five adult children break the news to their ultra attached mother that they will not be spending Thanksgiving with her. What I do not like about this family dynamic is that no one is truly being honest with how they feel. The siblings are trying to pass off responsibility to each other to break the news to the mom, and no one is courageous enough to be honest. Then, when they tell the mom, she is dishonest with how the news makes her feel. I hate when family members take the easy road out and deny their true thoughts and feelings. Sometimes truth hurts, but in the end it's more helpful. What I like about the scene is that they are all together in the kitchen of their mother's home. They have made an effort to live near each other so they truly are friends, instead of estranged family members.

Here is a classic scene from Everybody Loves Raymond. What I like about this scene is how Ray and Robert eat Debra's food, even though it's obviously discussing. This demonstrates how in families, it is important to submit to one another, sometimes even sacrificing your own personal comfort. What I do not like about this scene is how domineering Debra's tone is. I hate when women are portrayed as bossy and controlling... I think that characteristic of women has lead to passivity amongst men and sometimes weak families.