Tanya Eshel- Family & Protection

These two links are related. They show two fathers teaching their sons how to protect themselves: one in a positive way and the other in a negative way.


This link exemplifies the right way for a father to teach his son skills to protect himself. He is only forceful enough to help the child protect himself. He is not promoting violence, but simply aiding his son in self-defense. Learning how to defend himself early on, in a constructive way, will help the boy later in life. This family seems healthy to me, because the father exhibits the right balance between love and discipline in parenting his son.


This link is an example of horrible parenting! The father is actually teaching his son how to shoot a gun at the age of, let's say two, maybe three, years old. His son is being raised around violence as if it is normal. The boy will grow up looking up to his dad for how to behave, and guns will probably among the behaviors he adopts. This family seems dysfunctional to me, because the father is teaching his son skills he should not be teaching him, and raising him around violent activity.