Two Forms of Co-Dependent Relationships

The first clip shows a healthy and strong bond between mother and daughter. Rory values her mother's opinion and her Lorelai is forthcoming with her daughter about her concerns while ultimately understanding and supporting her in her decisions. The Gilmore Girls is a great series depicting lots of different issues which Lorelai and Rory work through together. I really like this image of a mother and daughter being more like friends because that is the kind of relationship I have with my mom and hope to have with my children.

In contrast to my first example, Susan is not a great role model for her daughter. Through her own neuroses, she is teaching her daughter that men cannot be trusted and that in relationships it is reasonable to stalk people when trust is broken. Julie often has to give her own mother advice on life and socially acceptable behavior. Lucky for her, Julie has common sense and a good head on her shoulders but if she were a more impressionable young woman, Susan could be causing her irreparable harm.