JudyAnne's Family Clips


The clip posted above is a scene from the television show 7th Heaven. I have watched full episodes when the show was on air and the overall representation of the family is undesirable, at least in my view. The mother stays at home and takes care of the children, the father is a minister and somehow manages to finance a large house and take care of seven children.

I find this representation of the 'family' undesirable because it is too wholesome and out of touch with reality. Moreover, it perpetuates and reinforces an almost unattainable socially constructed family ideal, which serves to create high expectations for young people to force a certain type or path to family happiness. Overall, (and this could be due to personal experience and subjective perspective) I find the representation of 'family' undesirable because it is out of touch with reality.

I find this scene particularly undesirable because the daughter is consumed with her wedding and sounds very selfish. Also, the scheming involved is too cheesy and unrealistic for me to stand.

Such representations make me wonder if the representations have served to create our idea of a 'good family' or what a 'family' should be or if they are truly mere reflections of our independently formed ideals and expectations.


The above clip is a scene from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

I find this to be a desirable representation of 'family' because it represents one desirable quality of family life (at least in my opinion), which is persons' ability to set aside differences and fighting at least for a few minutes in order to cherish one another, stick by one another, and in the end go down together.

I must admit that it was difficult for me to find a representation I found desirable. However, I find the family relations represented in the movie to be desirable because despite the negative hardships of relationships the family goes through, it is obvious they genuinely care for one another.

I also find agreeable the way the family members relate and co-exist with one another in a way that respects each person but also has a cohesion. The individuals are not trying to conform to a mold of 'family', they simply become one through mutual respect and care for one another. I also appreciate the way each character is not represented to take up or act in the expected or typical role they are meant to portray.