Victoria Morales: Yay for Lesbians, Too Bad for Immigrants

This is a clip from the show the L Word where a biracial, lesbian couple welcomes their child, Angelica into the world. The scene depicts Bette, one of the baby's mothers, introducing Angelica to all of her closest friends. What I like about this scene is its positive depiction of women and its display of a non-conventional family. It represents a perspective that women-centered families are functional and that lesbian couples (or any non-normative family structure) are acceptable alternatives to the heterosexual couple. I enjoy the fact that this clip depicts a family that is providing a child with a healthy environment that does not follow “traditional” or “normative” nuclear family structures.

This clip depicts a woman calling in to a lawyer to question her legal ability to marry the person she loves because of immigration complications. What I do not like about this clip is the implication about the relationship between law and family and how the legal status of a person is considered a factor preventing the creation of a family or complicating the nationality of members of a family. Meaning, children born in a family where citizenship status is different with each parent may become stateless and not able to identify as a citizen anywhere. Also, the idea that the State is capable of disrupting/dismantling a family via deportation of a family member is not a concept that I appreciate either.