How should points be used?

If points are used, to what extent should individuals receive them based on their own efforts and decisions, and to what extent should they be based on the aggregated decisions of others?

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The point system for this game, if any, should reflect primarily the actions and consequences of the individual. However, as (Sean Smith) stated previously a person can be indirectly affected by the decisions of others which is why I suggest implementing a system that emphasizes the individuals' actions but does not overlook the decisions of others. I do not think that a 50/50 balance of individual and collective decisions would work, instead I propose maybe a 75 (Individual) / 25 (Collective) proposition so that more emphasis is place on the individual rather than the collective group.

I agree, that most of the times what we do as an individual affects our lives more than the collective does, but many times there are a lot of things that we cannot control, so I would agree in a 75/25 split between individual and collective.

In any interactive environment, a person is affected by both the individual's decisions as well as others'. There are few things in life a person can achieve on his or her own without any help or influence from other people, and thus, the point sytem of the game must not ignore the decisions of others. This will force people to keep in mind how their decisions will be regarded by other players. Also, the power of other people's decisions will serve to keep everyone in check to a certain degree, compelling people to act appropriately as they would in real life. It will also make earning points a little less predictable and more challenging. The psychological element of reading other players and interacting with them efficiently to earn more points will be much more invoking than players maintaining full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.