Should the game developers try to stop all cheating, or should some "cheat codes" be provided because this seems realistic?

Sometimes when people play games, they want to cheat. (According to wikipedia: "Cheat codes are codes that can be entered into a video game to change the game's behaviour. It is unknown when this practice started, but the codes were implemented and used by game developers to playtest certain aspects of their games; for example, a common use of a cheat code is to skip to a later level in a game. In moddable games, such cheat modes are often left in released titles specifically for modder use." )

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I agree with stanton on the point that cheat codes are unavoidable. It's inevitable that there will be cheaters/cheating in both games and reality. I believe cheat codes should be allowed because it provides players with that level of fun and reward that they seek in game. By incorporating cheat codes, game developers add another dimension to the game, and loyal players will seek these codes to witness this other "secret" element. As shown through the poll, which is currently split evenly at (50/50) for those against/for cheat codes, there's a negative connotation heavily attached to the words "cheat codes". I can't speak for all games since my library of games is relatively small, but I personally believe that cheat codes have evolved from the previous "cheats" that involved taking short cuts to more of purely "codes" that provide games with a new aspect of fun. Many games now include unlocking cheat codes as an addition to their games. For example, in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) one of my favorite codes (which I unlocked by purchasing with points I earned throughout the game) is the Headless Kombat code which allows me to play with headless characters. I'm certain I wasn't the only one who found the cheat code to be harmless and very humorous.

I find it interesting that you say the person who cheats her way to the top is the ideal person for developing a solution to global inequality. Wasn’t her cheating a form of exploiting inequalities, thus making the problem worse? People who choose to cheat are reaping benefits by exploiting inequalities.

I think Cheat codes should be allowed, though the states within the game should condemn their use, because the real world presents us with opportunities to cheat at all levels of life. If the “cheating” is approved of by the states, then it must be made known to all people, and it therefore is not cheating, but legitimate mainstream practice. However, in real life, people have to make the moral decision to be honest or cheat. If there are incentives to achieve in the experimental society, cheating will be a temptation, even with the four decrees, but that’s life!

What if we found a way to make "cheating" less about exploiting inequalities, but a creative exploration of the values found in the Decree?

The concept of cheating only exists if there is a predetermined standard by which the cheating is compared to. If one wanted to get into college in this game, then they would presumably have to compete on equal grounds as everyone else. However, the biggest problem is that, even if two students compete "equally" on multiple terms every step of the way on their high school grades, AP exams, or SATs, there are aspects of the world outside of the system that fundamentally impact a student's success. Parenting style and education, socioeconomic background, biological factors-- these are but some of the many social and natural influences that can affect an individual. But should inequalities count as cheating? You can see this concept of cheating as being categorized under the general idea that we value each individual's talent and hard work, more so than anything extraneous.

I think that cheat codes should be allowed and unrestricted in the sense that the world can be a bare bones system that allows for manipulation of its systems and rules provided that even these manipulations do not violate the fundamental decrees which will serve as the pillars and axioms of the system. Basically, I'm thinking of something like an open source piece of technology (e.g. Linux) that can be manipulated as long as people are interested in improving/changing upon the current system. It's sort of like how much modding can enhance a game and not only take away from it, provided that the mods are not completely breaking the game engine or defeating its fundamental purpose. I sort of see it as one way to provide players with the creativity to establish their own notion of what counts as cheating on a regular basis; one player may decide to cheat and manipulate some part of the system, but this leads other players to react to this cheating in some way, either building off it or going against it. This may be a possible way of "systematizing" the "cheating" such that it's not really cheating, but more creativity.

Cheat codes should be allowed. An important aspect of life is learning how to play it (life) well and make it easier. "Cheats" would reward resourcefulness, enhancing a citizen's experience. After all, isn't the game based on making life better by "seeking to alleviate global violence and inequality"? I believe that the idea of cheats is not in disagreement with this goal. As cheats would technically be available to every player, those savvy enough to discover cheats should reap the benefit. And who knows--maybe a player who takes advantage of a shortcut could make her way to the top and develop a solution to global violence and inequality that would not have otherwise been heard?