Should the game be played in real time?

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I believe the game should not be played in real time here are some reasons why. First reason would be because it would be too hard to maintain a game with a real world lifestyle. One would have to constantly check on the game just to see progression and would end up not having a "real life" because they would be too worried about checking on their avatar. Some people might end up forgetting to eat and end up dyeing, which has happened many times before in MMOs. Another reason for this would be to think about all the moderation that would have to happen. Could one imagine all the money or support one would have to do just to sustain a real world experience game? Also, I have a comment about comment "in which 24 hours in our day would equate to 24 hours in the game clock, and there would be night and day corresponding to a 24 hour day." Personally, I would hate to constantly play this game when it’s always night time or vice versa. Could one imagine how unsatisfying the game would be if the game was constantly dark or light? It could get really straining on the eyes if you constantly have to look at a dark screen not to mention really boring.

Games in the virtual world should not be played in real time although they are the simulations of the reality that we all living in, due to the facts that the individuals and social systems may not be to catch up for the rapid changes which may cause possible social disorders and unexpected conflicts. Yet games do address and teach the players about different rules, various kinds of situations, different perspectives that can be placed and happened in the real world in the real time through imaginations and the presentation in the virtual world. However, through the participation of gaming activity, players are able to experience in different roles, characters, personalities which helps the players to redefine themselves, as well as recreate their identities and meanings. On the other hands, some players used the virtual world as the space for escaping from their real time life and for experiencing different roles which they cannot be “act out” in the real life. Moreover, games serve as a significant tool for making dreams, imaginations, creativities, and possible changes for the future. If we simply but the situations and settings of the games into real time, players may not be able to produce and make possible imaginations which can result in limiting possibilities and opportunities for new generations. Therefore, it is essential to distinguish between the virtual world for gaming and the real time.

Because the game is a simulation and is being designed to not only be entertaining, but also informational as to how society would be under different laws, it seems appropriate that the game not be in real time and be in some sort of accelerated reality. By moving time along faster, it would allow for quicker results and lessons on game play. I'm not entirely sure people would spend their entire days on the computer just to see little progress in a simulated life. So, to do the most justice to the aim of the game, it would be advisable to speed up game play!

I agree with your point when you addressed that game is the simulation of reality that helps us, the players to understand the function of the society. However, I think the differences between the virtual world and the world in real time are abilities and unusual experiences to participants which they do not usually appear to us in the reality. Participants are able to make imaginations and “dreams” through their participations in gaming activities which may bring possible changes for the society and the world in the futures. On the other hand, by playing the game in real time may perhaps diminish ones desires in making imaginations which can result in limiting changes for the future.

This is a good point. The game is a simulation, so it would be natural to believe that the game should be played in real time to simulate the pace of events that we are used to. For example, some role-playing games are played in real-time, in which 24 hours in our day would equate to 24 hours in the game clock, and there would be night and day corresponding to a 24 hour day. If this game is intended to be informational as to how society would be under different laws, I agree that some sort of accelerated reality would allow for quicker and easier learning because we can more quickly and more easily make observations and interactions. I can't help but to think of the game Sim City, in which building a city at an accelerated pace allows for a more entertaining simulation to sit through.

I definitely agree with your idea. There needs to be a fixed system whereby players are able to interact with the game easily and without having to constantly check or play the game. As part of The Manifesto, the game should be recreating a new and just world. It would be unfair to reward those who have more leisure time and play the game more frequently than those who don't.

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