Should players be able to choose their occupation?

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Players should be able to choose what occupation they are, and also replay the game as different occupations. That way they can play with a purpose and with certain goals in mind, without being forced to play as an occupation they do not want to learn or simulate with.

Yes, players should be able to choose their occupation in the game because I am playing a game and I want to be able to do whatever I want in it. After you able to choose your occupation and become bored with it, then you should be given the opportunity to choose a different occupation or have an occupation assigned to you randomly. Often players get bored if they do not get their way when starting out a new game, but once they get into the game, they allow themselves to be changed or manipulated in order to further the game's experience.

I think that players should have the freedom to choose their occupation because I believe it would be more enjoyable if one's virtual character's job is reflective of the player's interests. That freedom brings about a layer of realism into the sphere of the game because subjective investment as well as subjective emotional experiences can be honed into an occupation that is of personal interest to the player. I find it kind of difficult to have a game in which a player is forced to engage in a game that does not allow for his or her own personality to be represented, even in the simple act of picking a virtual occupation. Furthermore, the four fundamental decrees of the freedom of citizenship and the elimination of inheritance, marriage, and private land rights should give the player a liberty to pursue a career based on their own subjective interest because there is no accumulation of monetary gain or private land rights. Which makes me believe that if a player is to engage in a game, the duration of the character's life/the gamer's experience within the game should be spent working in an occupation that is representative of his/her interests.

The reason I chose "no", was because I feel that by randomly assigning an occupation to the player, it will make it more interesting and more fun. The player will have to figure out along the way how to be successful in their occupation, it will lead the player to be more adaptable to the game play, be more clever and creative with the occupation given. If the player has the option of choosing any occupation, then they will already have an idea of what to do, already have a set of goals, etc., which is not bad since it would resemble planning for one's future in real life, but it already (for me) loses the point to the game where with the element of surprise added to the game would make it more enjoyable. For example, in the game 'The Sims', the player has the option of choosing the occupation for their Sim. When I used to play that game, I would always choose the job with the highest pay check, since that way I would be able to buy more stuff and enjoy the game more. However, if instead I was randomly given an occupation, then it would have kept me on my toes as to what would I have to do to be successful in this career, and therefore make it more interesting and entertaining since each different occupation hold different goals and achievements. Moreover, it would it make it more different each time the player plays, therefore not have the player always do the same thing over and over.

I think players should have the freedom to choose because that is what makes the game different or better than real life because people will be able to do what they want rather than work with what they have. This frees everyone from whatever limitations they have whether they be personal, social or environmental pressures that would not allow them to do a certain profession or job. Also people come to the game world as a form of role playing and use it to experience different things they might not see or have the chance to see in person so allowing them the freedom to choose would open these doors for them as well.

I agree with cheng.177.ku's comment of limitations and pressures on the player. Personal, social, or environmental pressures do have an affect on a player's gameplay and limitations changes the way people play, not often for the better. The freedom to choose is a much needed aspect of any game and allows gamers to have fun with it.

Players enjoy games that allow us to traverse different identities and scenarios. Cheng takes on a persuasive stance on this subject that gamers should be given the freedom to choose what occupation they could take on within the game. Games should allow for freedom of intention and action, and this is a quality that makes them so endearing to players. If we were bound to occupations that are set throughout the game, it could take away from the exciting and fun level of the game. Being able to choose a different profession or identity in games also cultivates the player's imagination which makes his or experience that much more pleasurable. Players are able to express themselves more by playing as another ego within the game.

I think the players should be able to choose their jobs. According to the decrees, citizenship is also by choice, By providing such freedom, jobs should therefore a freedom chose by players. Also, there should be no worries that players would only choose those high pay job, because there would be no Inheritance and land right, players would definitely want to try different jobs as no matter how much they earn, there may be little difference with those earn less than them. Only by choosing what jobs you personally want, the players would do it better and with more passion. Hence increase the productivity of the whole world.

I definitely agree that players should own the right to choose their own occupation based on the decrees set forth by the developers. It is the choice of the individual to become a citizen, so they should also be afforded the luxury or choice of their general occupation. The right to freely choose an occupation would provide the user with the possibility of doing what drives them or interests them within a game. People will not be as entertained or have as much fun if they were forced into a position compared to an individual that freely chose what they desire. People use video games to submerse themselves in a new world of their choosing and by forcing them into a single occupation hinders their creativity within the virtual world.

This is a hard question to answer, even though I eventually voted "Yes," my true answer might be closer to a "No."

Jobs should be available, much like other things, via a system of supply and demand. The demand for Ditch Diggers is low, but the supply is nil if everyone can choose their job without restrictions.

As someone else has already pointed out, picking International Music Idol can't be an option, but lounge singer might get you there eventually.

Perhaps the best answer lies somewhere between Yes and No, day job and side gig? This way you are able to choose a job that is needed, but also one that appeals to you (and possibly succeed at eventually).

When removing the monetary constraints on jobs, there must be some other system of control, else we run the risk of all game players and no game developers... all burger eaters and no burger flippers...

I voted for freedom of choice because if the game is forcing you down a certain path it will make the player not want to play. Also this should be a way for a person to do something that they don't normally do. Give them a new choice, one that they may not have a choice of otherwise.

Given that this game is about granting the freedom of choice to people, I feel that it is essential for a person to be able to choose their occupation. Let me start of by saying, I do not mean that someone should be able to choose to be an international pop-star. They would have to start off at the lowest level of the occupation, and work their way up. However, the choice of which "ladder" they will be climbing on should be theirs. This would be a good contrast to the modern world, since in it, one often cannot choose to do this. For example, someone without a lot of money might want to be a surgeon, but never follows through the process because they simply cannot afford the price of the education. In contrast, By being able to choose your starting point, you would be able to go after the occupation you actually want, without any hesitation, and thus enjoy your work more. This makes you more productive, and thus everyone benefits.
However, having to pick an occupation shouldn't force you to stay in it your entire life. I feel that there would need to be some "switching" process, that would allow you to change occupations if you hate the one you're in. This should either set you back to the bottom of the ladder, or somewhere in the middle (depending on how comparable the occupations are).

Tatiana Chibisova
COCU177 - WI12; Ayhan Aytes

I think this poster nailed it on the head with their depiction. A player should be able to decide what he or she wants to be, just like the real world. But, for this to happen one must choose a ladder and jump through many hoops to to become what they want to become. This way it causes the player to actually put in effort to achieve their goal rather then just achieving it because they wanted that to become their outcome. Also, like the real world I do believe a player should be able to switch their occupation. What if one player really didn't decide they wanted to be a pop-princess and decided they wanted to be something else. However, if they switch I believe they should start all over again and climb the ladder and jump through the hoops and not be granted free access. For instance, if I worked in at Vons and all of sudden made it up to grocery store checker I should not get the benefit of that title if I switch to the food industry because it is completely different experience. If a player truly wants to choose that occupation and enjoys doing it he or she will make an effort and strive to be the best.

I believe players should be able to choice their occupations because that should be at least one of their rights to playing the game. Especially when they die, they lose all their inheritance after death, I'd say at least let the players do something that they might enjoy in their duration of the game. Also, I think it will at least give the players some hope to know that they are somewhat in control of what they can be, and not just be given something that they might not want.

Paul Cho
COCU 177

I voted against giving players the ability to choose their own occupations because I feel that it would detract from the simulation aspect of the game. I should think it generally acknowledged that any simulation of a large or even global population must include a good sampling of a wide variety of viewpoints and socioeconomic strata which must be adhered to in the decision-making and running of the simulation. Since agoraXchange is only a tiny subset of all Internet users, who are themselves a subset of humanity, the occupational choices made by players will invariably be skewed. One need only to take a quick look at the "Who's Here" section of the website to see that its regional (and likely socioeconomic) representation is undeniably disproportionate. While, by definition, no simulation can truly be perfect without unrealistically including the entirety of the human population, an artificial assignment of occupations to emulate the makeup of the human populace is, in my opinion, the best way to provide a proxy for society.

I voted for being able to choose your occupation in the game because the decrees basically allow for a world that advocates choice- citizenship, kinship etc. You should have to the ability to choose 3 occupations and list them in order of preference because the world should simulate reality as close as possible and the world is a cold hard place. One of the three occupations should be guaranteed.

--keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to.

I think your idea is good that there should be a few preference to players. And actually there could be something like 'trial period', people can try the job first, if they are doing good, then they can be officially recruited, if not, they can try other jobs, the reason for that is sometimes some job need specific qualification, e.g. A degree holder. But that often denies some talented people from that jobs. By using the trial period, people can show their ability that that can do it well. If they don't do well, then players should find an alternative job to show his talent or ability.

It is really imperative that players be able to choose their own occupation. It ties in with the general theme of this game, which is that there should exist a world that is much more fair than the current world we have now. The decrees imply fairness as concept that ties in to an individuals own accomplishments and choices. The second decree highlights this concept of fairness by establishing that no one can inherit anything, meaning that no person can gain an unfair advantage in life and or accumulate vast amounts of wealth. How this ties in with occupations is that a persons own life should be indicative of their own choices. An example is the first decree that removes the basis of citizenship to allow for anyone to be anywhere they want to be, and remove all obstacles that the present world has with immigration laws. Choosing your own occupation allows for someone to choose their own life and gives everyone a fair chance at achieving the kind of life they want. However a way that it can because of the lack of inheritance it should allow for more fairness on the basis that no one can gain an advantage through connections and wealth.

I think that players should be able to choose their occupation, but that choice should not guarantee that the player will actually be able to get that job. Since the goal of this project is to offer an alternative to our reality and to point out the faults in our own system, then I think it should be realistic. The game should take measures to make sure that there cannot be an overabundance of players with the same occupation and that it should take effort on the part of the player to land their job. Randomly assigning jobs does not seem particularly fair, or anything close to Thomas Moore's Utopia, as it makes people unfairly born into certain fates, just like the current system which we are trying to move away from does. People should all have an equal opportunity in pursuing the occupation of their choice. However, this should not guarantee some happy ending. We cannot all be vets and astronauts. Much like in the real world, players should have to work for their occupation. Since there will be no inheritances, there will be no trust fund babies or generous donations to law schools from rich parents - everyone will start off from the same point, and no one will have an unequal advantage over anyone else in landing their dream job. I also think that occupations should be more balanced in their salaries. If in this world there is no inheritances or private property for citizens, then occupations should be adjusted such that all end up being equal. For example, if it takes 6 more years of school to be a doctor than it does to be a policeman, then the doctor should be compensated in salary only enough to be come out equal with the policeman, who has had four extra years in the workforce. Under this system, hopefully people will choose occupations solely based on personal preferences, since all jobs will be equal.


If one of the Decrees is "citizenship by choice" then why wouldn't "Occupation by choice" be desirable within this system? The fact that this is even a question is a bit puzzling. If "The Manifesto" essentially states that maintaining highest freedom of choice possible results in a better world, why would we take away people's ability to choose arguably the most important (definitely most time-consuming) aspect of life?

I believe that a player should be able to choose its occupation, which I believe falls in line with the game's decree. This is especially apparent in decree 1, which states that a player develops citizenship by choice, not by birthright or any other method. This choice of identification regarding the essential issue of citizenship parallels the choice a player must make for a job. After all, choosing one's occupation is a hugely proactive, individualist statement that goes in line with the game's overall intentions.

However, restrictions must be placed on the way players can choose their said occupations. After all, not all jobs pay alike, nor are they all equally prestigious. If players are able to select an occupation with no restrictions, a huge number of players would be grouped up in the top tier, most highly paid and coveted jobs, thereby hurting the game's economy and overall political dimension. For this reason, I believe that players should be able to "level up," per say, by developing avatarial capital to get the higher paying, higher ranked jobs. Another solution would be to force players to take tests to achieve higher job rankings.

It is a game, we must always remember this. If people start with an occupation that they do not like they will just create a new character until they get one that they like. This being said occupations should not be randomly selected. But if we allow people to pick their job exactly, then there would be an over-saturation of people within the best jobs. Lets instead let people pick what they want to do, and see if they can achieve it. So for example, at character creation the player would pick the scientist path, they then would go through the steps in game to be a scientist. Depending on the choices and actions that they make in game, they branch out to different careers. So they might start out wanting to be a scientist, but end up being a garbage man! This allows players to feel like they have some choice in the matter, while still providing variation. This is much like the real world! For I would really like to be an astronaut, but I might not make the right choices in the end to become one.

I believe that users should be able to choose their occupation within reason. If this game aims to imitate real everyday problems, then choosing an occupation should be one of them. If one aims to choose a certain job, then by all means they should be able to try and acquire that position. But acquiring a desired occupation in today's economy can be very difficult. I think that this is just another problem that should be realistically depicted in the game.

Yes, because the game aims to simulate a real-life experience as much as possible, then users should be allowed to choose what type of profession they are. However, as in the real world, there should be some sort of limit/cap to the numbers of the more "popular" occupations, so that there is a wide variety of different occupations within the game. Maybe to encourage people to take up occupations that are less popular, it might be possible to offer incentives in taking up those jobs (just throwing some ideas out there).

I think that with this question, the game should imitate the real world as much as possible. Players should be allowed to choose their own occupation, just as they technically do in real life. However, I believe each job should require certain missions and/or tasks to acquire their desired occupation. That being said, the higher-end jobs (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc) should require more difficult, tedious and extensive tasks and lower-end jobs should be easier to acquire. As is in real life, if one truly has a desire to have a certain occupation, they will be willing to put in the work to acquire that occupation, just as individuals do in real life. From my experience with games of this sort, gamers enjoy playing the game when it adheres to that person's interests. Randomly assigning occupations has a high risk of gamers growing bored of the game because they do not enjoy their occupation. Allowing for the individuals to make their own decisions, will result in those individuals to enjoy playing the game a lot more.

I definitely see your point that there should be some missions required to ensure the player do their job well, not doing whatever he likes. For example, being a police or army cannot abuse their weapons. There should be guidelines and consultation to the players to provide assistant.

I agree with the idea that each job should require certain missions to acquire their desired occupation. That being said, according to the games Manifesto, the right to own private property is forbidden. The state owns all land and redistributes it through leasing. What if my job required being a landowner. This is where thing like drilling for oil, exploiting natural resources, ect come into play. Are all profits reaped from something that is state owned by redistributed also? I believe that the game would be more surprising and offer more of a challenge by randomly assigning occupations.

I think if people were randomly assigned occupations, it is likely that individuals would end up with an occupation they didn't find desirable. As a result, they could perform poorly in that occupation, at the detriment of others in the "society". Also, since the idea of occupations as a game mechanic implies there could potentially be certain "skill sets" available to players in the game, it is likely that some skills sets would be more viable for certain occupations, and thus people could not simply be randomly assigned an occupation. It seems to me that the manifesto does not directly account for things such as drilling for oil, however, by the manifesto it seems the political and social implications behind this acquisition of energy is meant to be eradicated. By this idea, the appropriation of funds would probably be handled by the state and redistributed.

Bandy.177.Lu, if you randomly assign occupations, people will likely end up in one they don’t like, and therefore will not have much motivation to excel in it. You are right about social inequality arising from differing advantages of some occupations over others, but keep in mind that this is inevitable because of “supply and demand.” As jhanassab said, some jobs are more difficult than others. Therefore some jobs will have higher returns than others. Of course, this is a breeding ground for some of the socials issues lamented in the manifesto, but its unavoidable. The four Decrees do not address this problem.

Should players be able to choose their occupation?

I chose that players should be able to choose their occupation. Even though most people would want to become rich and have a great job, not everyone can become doctors or lawyers. Also, I feel that randomly chosen occupation for people wouldn't work because you don't get to choose what you want to do with your live, instead it is chosen for you. That type of system would deprive players to hate their occupation if they been given a bad one. I believe everyone should be given an opportunity to choose what they want to do with their life. I do believe however, players will all start in the beginning as equals and everyone is given the same amount of resources to achieve the occupation they want to pursue. As regards to acquire job titles, this will be determine by the set of skills that the player learned and how well the player preform those skills.

Eric Arbulante
Undergrad Student
University of California, San Diego
COCU177: Critical Computer Game Studies(Sum II.2011)

I suggest that players have freedom to choose own occupation in the game which will provide more entertaining experience during the play. As game players, you do not want to play a game with an occupation that you do not like. Similarily, you will not find a job that you do not like in a real world. A game that forces you to choose only single occupation is not accessible because game should give you the chance to explore different kinds of adventures. Also, by choosing own occupation, one can learn the responsibility by facing different consequence and struggle. We may not easily to find a job that we like the most, but virtual world, it provide us a chance to learn the characteristics of each occupations. Overall, allowing players to choose occupations freely can help players to understand more about the perks in the real society.

I agree that we should have some degree of freedom to choose our own occupation, but I feel that in the real world, at times our occupation does not necessarily reflect our personal interests; it could be that we don't have much choice, or we do our profession due to other factors (family pressure, salary/compensation), so I feel that it might be good for the game to incorporate something along those lines.

In agoraXchange's mission to implement a multiplayer online game that signifies a resemblance to our present/current world, I believe players should have the freedom to choose their own occupation. The freedom to choose their occupation allows the player to embed an ideological discourse of what to expect to maintain their role/occupation in the game. Furthermore, I truly believe that players need to be aware of specific rules/regulations to maintain their occupation in order to elevate in levels with certain missions, etc. In similarity to the real world, it's important to make sure individuals are up to par with their tasks within the occupation for a consistent role. The allowance of choosing your own occupation gives the players the interest and heart to play; simply, because they have the free-choice of their own occupation. On the other hand, this free-choice of occupation helps players since the decrees states no land rights, marriage, and inheritance. All in all, it is up to the player to create consistency within their occupation in order to elevate in the game.

I think we should be able to choose our occupations in this world just like how we can choose our occupation in the real world. However, there should be a series of tasks and performances while we work toward achieving such occupation. We cannot just choose to become a CEO of a corporation. However, we can certainly work for it, and if we fail there will be other options or fields that are available to us. I don't think the occupation should be randomly assigned. On the other hand, occupation should not be handed to us freely as well.

I definitely agree that occupation should be chosen freely and that players should be required to work for it. However, we also need to address the idea of maximum capacity per occupation and level of difficulty to achieve all occupations. As with many games, the first players to play the game may attempt to obtain many different occupations. After the game has been played for a while, newer players may figure out that certain occupations are more beneficial in the game, which may lead to an severely unbalanced economy. To prevent this, the world must enforce a positive relationship between level of difficulty to obtain an occupation and occupations themselves.

Since this game is a new front for a society, I believe that there should be choice of occupation to the player. This game seems to include free choice and equal footing for each player of the game's world. This means freedom of occupation. While there is a social hierarchy in the real world, it seems each person will be given equal opportunities and a place for a person to flourish on their own merit from a similar starting point.

A problem might be that some occupations might become overstimulated, while others neglected. For example what is considered a good career (whether for money or fame) might be overwhelmed with applicants. 'Regular' jobs would be near empty. A way to amend this is to start everyone off on equal footing from the beginning of education. This is where people can find their niches while going through school. they can find their interests and see what the market leaves available for them in the future. The ones who are talented and work hard will receive the 'better' positions and each category may be filled by the fact that there will be more jobs available in less taken occupations.

From the get go however, I do believe players should be given some kind of choice or direction of where they want to go in their virtual life.

i think player's should be able to chose their own occupation but not be able to chose their amount of pay. The reason for is because not everyone is good at the same thing as others. Allowing someone that is stronger and bigger to do work that requires heavy lifting is probably more efficient than putting a 13 year old boy to do the same line of work. There may also be people that are better communicators because they have more patience then others but just because these people are MORE qualified for these positions doesn't mean that they get a bigger pay check. Everyone is born without a choice on how they will turn out. Our brains are already computed by the time we're born hence the reason we can't control how tall we get or how big our noses get. The only mere thing that can be transformed NATURALLY is our weight. But even that can be gentics. It is for these reasons why I think player's should be able to chose what occupation they would want because not every shoe is for every person.

I think players should be able to choose their occupation, but they should have to work for it. They should have to accomplish tasks necessary for the occupation they want. I don't think a random occupation should be assigned because if a player really disliked that occupation they might be less inclined to play at their best.

completely agree. just like in our reality, we have the option to achieve our goals. so it should be replicated in the game. allow for freedom, but have it be under circumstances of being earned.

I agree with you very much. I think allowing players to choose their occupation through a series of tasks necessary is very important. We play a game for the interest of it and if we get stuck with something we don't like then we most likely will loose our interest. In other games, if we face similar situation we most likely will restart the game and start over again, therefore accomplishing tasks to get the occupation we want can help us understand more about the occupation and skills required and also increase our interest to the game.

Yes, players should be given the responsibility to choose their own occupation. Just by looking at the decrees, there is a strong support for humans to take the initiative and exercise their ability to make decisions. Players should be able to choose their own occupation, but understand the caliber of work that is required to achieve it. This includes the journey toward the career, and its worst and best sides. By giving players the option to sculpt every aspect of their lives themselves, they are given the responsibility to determine whether or not their decisions will be their blessings or their burdens. They are being held accountable for themselves, and therefore will have no other power but their own to blame for wherever they end up by the end of the game.

Asia Camagong
Undergraduate Student
University of California, San Diego
COCU177: Critical Computer Game Studies

Yes, I believe that players should be able to choose their occupation, but later on in the game. The players should be able to select what career field they want to pursue and work towards the occupation they desire. In order for the player to choose their occupation they must complete various activity levels in order to choose their final occupation. Upon completion of the levels the player will then have the option to select their occupation.

I agree with most of your comment, but I do believe your occupational plan could be tweaked a bit. For instance, in the Sims, a player chooses an occupational path, where they can advance from being (for example in the military field), from a recruit to a five star general. The player has to literally interact through every advancement on the occupational ladder through a series of (admittedly not difficult) tests and questions.

This differs from your idea in that the player would still have an occupation the entire step of the way, but they would merely be advancing through their chosen occupational field, up until they achieve the highest level, whether it is a five star general or the attorney general. Because not all occupations are equal, this would allow for a ranked field of work, with staggered amounts of pay, respect and skill level.

I believe that players should be able to choose their occupations yet at a certain low level, like level one. Every job description will be categorized and they can choose accordingly. Then they can work up the ladder into more professional stature once they excel in the game. If they decide to change occupations, the level will go back to one, unless some experience will overlap. This way, everyone will start out even yet still with a choice of what they desire but at a level to work up towards like any job. This is the same idea of BryanZmi but all starting at a low level with an even slate.

I agree that everyone should start at a low level and work up, but I still think there should be some unaccounted randomness within the game. For example, I might want to be a professional athlete, but during training I injure myself preventing myself from competing competitively again. Since I can't be a professional athlete now, I then go to school to study sports medicine. Funding for my schooling cuts out, I drop out of school, my character discovers their ability to be a leader. My character then works as a professional coach for an athletic team. The point is that if we don't add some randomness then there will be an over-saturation of people in one job, even if getting to the job is tedious and hard. People play online games for longer than you expect, if something is hard and tedious they will do it if it puts them in the best position in game. There needs to be some randomness within the game so that 20% of the population is working through the steps to be an astronaut, that is just not realistic.

I agree that players should start at a low level, This way, there can be equal social mobility and players can progress on 'effort and talent.'

I believe that players should be able to choose their own occupation based on the four decrees that are presented on the website for the game. In choosing their own occupation I believe that this will provided a wide range of occupations that will be filled. People whether in the game or within society as a whole have very different interest and skill sets that I believe will contribute to the workforce within the game in different ways. One thing , however, to keep in mind to ad a twist to the game could be that a list of what the “game world” needs as far as occupations could be presented somewhere on the website in order to see if any of the users would take up an occupation for the betterment of the game. Also , I think that the job positions should have a set of requirements in order to promote some form of stability in the game. Instead of being able to simply state you are a doctor perhaps you have to establish yourself on a specific level of the game or have a certain skill set.

I disagree only with ability to initially choose jobs. They should not be randomly assigned either. As noted people have different skill sets and interests. I would not want a completely uninterested and under-qualified person as a doctor, it simply doesn't make sense. All jobs should have certain requirements, and all of these requirements should be able to be met by any person who has the drive to meet them.

I like the idea of having a list of what the game world needs for occupations. It would be interesting to see if anyone would decide to choose an unfulfilled position for the betterment of the game society. When choosing an occupation maybe there could be a section for the player to maybe say why they chose that occupation.

With a game that seems to be based on free choice and starting on an equal foundation, I think that players should be allowed to choose their own occupations. Taking it a step further, I think this needs to start with how the education system is designed. Students should be exposed to an extensive curriculum early on and be guided through whatever career path interests them starting at an early age. Now that people will not be born in different classes, income levels, or citizenships, this will give them greater opportunities to explore different fields during their education and create well-rounded citizens.

I do still believe that job positions need to be regulated to ensure all important jobs are adequately covered. In this new world though, the definition of an ‘important’ job may be different (ex. More emphasis on creative fields). Like today’s world, there should still have to be certain amount of schooling and training that people have to go through in order to become occupations such as doctors, lawyers, military officers, etc. This will still be the distinguishing marker between who will become what profession.

i pretty much agree with your whole post. the notion of freedom of choice in the game definitely needs to be applied to choosing an occupation; however, a functioning world is not possible without certain jobs, such as doctors or lawyers, so there does need to be some kind of regulation o incentive that ensures that people take up these posts. i like that everyone is starting out on the same page, without class differentiation: this allows everyone the same freedom of opportunity.

I believe people should choose their occupation because it is the way the world is now and it seems that there are plenty of people in a variety of occupations without a deficit in any particular category. The idea that people shouldn't choose because then everyone will be a doctor or an athlete and thus unbalanced doesn't hold today so why would it hold in this game? People choose to be in a certain occupation via their interests and everyone has different interests and skills so there will be those who want to do art, those who want to be in the technology/computer industry, those who like kids and teaching, those who like caring for others will be nurses, and etc. There won't be an unbalance because the occupations that people would normally pick due to money or status and thus cause an unbalance won't choose those occupations based on that anymore because in the game there will be equality in pay and there won't be people with more prestige than others allegedly so that eliminates that fear of unbalance. People will choose their occupation as a result based on their interests instead of money or status which solves the unbalance and creates a society where people love what they do and want to go to work and therefore there will be greater output and production in society as people create more and work more.

Yes. Based on the four decrees of this world, it is apparent that the value of independence and autonomy are of extremely high priority. Thus, it should follow in this vein of logic that players should also have the right and responsibility of choosing their occupation. To follow, however, this occupation ought not impose particular levels of authority upon other players in the community (consider the individual nature of marriage contacts.

I think that players should be able to choose their occupation. Everyone has different levels of ambition, and will work in an area that best suits their needs. This will allow for a more realistic outcome of the game. In addition, people leave certain professions to enter new one, and people also get fired for not soing their job correctly. For this reason I think it is also important to allow for a change in occupation. All jobs, however, need to be represented. If there are too many lawyers and not enough gardeners, for instance, perhaps the law profession should be closed, until a spot opens up from another playing leaving it.

I like your ideas around the occupations in the game they are quite similar to my own. I also believe that individuals should be able to choose their own occupations , however, it does seem that in the choosing their should be some form of structure that allows for other professions to be chosen in order to sustain some form of balance within different fields that are needed to keep the economy going. The idea of having professions closed I think could be a very interesting portion of the game. Not only because it allows people to develop separate skill sets but it also forces them to think of what other areas they can contribute their work to which could lead to interesting developments within the game.

The function of society should be to provide the individuals with necessary goods and infrastructure to realize their personal development. To sustain a society at the present standard of living for developed nations requires about 20% of present workload. This do not amount to a main occupation at all and should be regarded as a citizens duty. Nevertheless, within the limits of communitys needs and individual competence there will be ample room for personal preferences.

Players should be able to choose their occupation. Each job should have certain requirements though such as education, skills and that sort of thing. I think by having certain requirements attached to the job it would still be realistic.Peope in the real world choose their jobs to a certain degree so i think that it shoild b the same in the game. I like the idea of a questionare that the person above said. But i don't think that the job should be dictated to anyone though.

I agree with the point that a job should not be dictated to anyone. This opinion seems to be the minority whereas many people seem to think that we should not be able to choose our profession. If the game wants to remain realistic than people should still have choice. The FAQ explains that wizards and other such fantasy characters are not going to be used so there is still some sense of reality to the game.
I also agree with the requirements just as there are requirements in the real world. It seems that some of the decrees seem to promote equality and fairness such as abolishing inheritance. The notion of no one having a choice to choose their profession I guess could be seen as going in that direction but I don't think it is fair to force someone to do something they don't want to.

I think that for the purpose of the game people should be assigned jobs. If everyone was to choose whatever they wanted then the game would turn into a very unrealistic game and the point of it would be lost. I agree with one of the comments above saying that there should be job mobility. Through points or something people should be allowed to switch jobs like in real life, the more experience you have the better job you may get. Maybe since the jobs would be assigned then through points there would be pay improvement or something similar. I also like Bryan Zmi's idea of having the players choose out of categories and through that a profession would be assigned. In addition to that maybe a questionnaire could be done before a job is assigned so that it is a fitting profession to the player.

Players should not automatically be allowed to choose their occupation simply because it is likely for certain occupations to be overwhelmed with players (sports perhaps being incredibly disproportionate), but they should also allow for mobility. All professions should be evenly distributed among the present and future players, from being a buttler, to a politician, to a professional basketball player. I also agree with the notion of social mobility because it will add an interesting dynamic to the game. People who would be willing to work their way into becoming whatever they would want to become would influence the game dramatically. Social mobility would allow us to see what professions are sought after the most considering activity and income, and how far players would go to obtain it..........

Although I see the concern for proportionality, it seems counter intuitive to dictate occupation within this society. If players are citizens by choice, the basic value that supports this ideal ought to also support the notion of autonomy in all areas of identity--occupation included. By imposing a restriction on occupation, one might ask from where this authority of restriction is being derived? Could it be assumed that it is from the "state"? If so, this restriction would be in direct conflict with the first decree: "State borders cannot restrict the movement of goods or people." Just food for thought..

I voted that players should be able to select their occupation, but I believe that the game would be best served if this choice was limited in another sense. Players should be able to choose their career field but not their exact occupation, and have the opportunity to work their way into more prominent or specialized occupation as they proceed in the game.

For example, lets say someone wants to be a lawyer (since everyone else seems to think that being a lawyer is the best job around). The player would be able to choose "The Legal Profession," as their career choice, but not be able to choose lawyer directly. Then in this "Legal Profession" category, there will be several different positions (Judge, DA, defense lawyer, clerk, paralegal, intern, law school student, etc.) They will be assigned to one of these positions within the legal field at random and have opportunities throughout the game to advance or move into different positions. Within this career category, each will have a specific set of advantages and disadvantages, so in order to move to a different position, the player must be willing to give up a specific advantage in order to pursue another.

These types of categories can be devised for each field, so players will be able to pursue their desired position, but the top or otherwise most attractive positions won't be overly saturated (especially if some of the lower positions are given really cool advantages and the higher positions come with some serious disadvantages or complications).

I agree with fslaczko in that there should be some social mobility. Nobody works one job his or her whole life. Maybe people should have their first few jobs randomly assigned from a selection of beginning jobs (as 'lawyer' is probably not many people's first job). From there people can choose to pursue a specific career. If they decide they do not like the decision they have made, they should be able to try another. They should have to work from an entry-level position, but will be able to climb the ladder quicker than in their original career. On the other side, how would hiring work? If people are able to choose their occupation, can bosses decide who is the most qualified? The players who have played longer would have worked up to a certain level, but who would have judged their performance? Perhaps the first round could be randomly assigned, and then those players would gain the respsonsiblity of judging others.

I think if everyone were to get paid the same amount for their occupation (trash collector and lawyers both get $15 an hour...haha yeah right) then we should be allowed to choose. However, I am guessing that most people will want to have plenty of money and thus choose occupations that will pay handsomely. However I like the idea of entering your choice of occupation in a lottery and then hoping you get what you want, because let's face it not everyone who wants to be a lawyer can be a lawyer. I also feel there should be an aspect of social mobility. For instance, if I do get selected to be a trash man, there should be ways for me to climb the latter and maybe become the CEO of the Trash company or the ability to quit my job, get an education and train for a new job. That could be a fun aspect all in to itself...trying to climb the latter of job inequality.

In my opinion, this issue relates to the question whether or not the game should be realistic. If you don't want the game to look like the real world, why then is it a problem to have people choose their own occupations? If the consequence is that there are 50 lawyers and just 2 trashmen will that be a problem? In a fake world you can just imagine 50 lawyers are needed and only 2 trashmen. On the other hand, if the game is supposed to be like the real world, I still would have people to pick their own occupation. We don't have lawyers too much in our world. And if that is the case than this will change over time so that after a while every significant occupation is represented in balance again. Don't forget that it is not every one's dream is to be a lawyer. Some people are less ambitious and would not be happy in a job like a lawyer.

I think the game could incorporate choice and random assignment into the whole occupation question. Maybe only assign jobs in high demand by probability; say if 50 people join the game in a month and half want to be lawyers, within that half the lawyer position is randomly assigned to one player (this cycle would repeat itself every week/month/year/etc). While admittedly most may not be interested in jobs like an electrician or a construction worker, assuming the game even has fine details like that, it shouldn't be too difficult to engineer the system to accomodate for those who do want positions that aren't in high demand.

players should not be able to choose their occupation because without a system in pace that forces them to work for their occupation a great majority of the player will choose occupations such as lawyer, doctor, professional athlete, etc. having the occupation randomly assigned will keep a more realistic balance in our gaming society and ensure that there are not an abundance of characters with the same occupation. in addition to maintaining this balance the randomly assigned occupations will allow people to experience different struggles and perks in society which they otherwise are incapable of or will never face in their real lives. this will open the eyes of many as they see how difficult the society can make life for the unsuccessful and could be reflected on their own lives.

I also agree with this statement. Its obvious that society would like the power of free will and for people to be able to choose what they want to do. But in terms of realistic play and overall impact it will have on society, having the jobs chosen for them will give a bigger impact on the players. Players also will not get bored, as many people tend to play it safe and play a job they are good at or comfortable with. Being uncomfortable and getting use to that uncomfortableness will cause that uniqueness in the game to allow it to thrive.

I understand your viewpoint and the idea of maintaining balance within the occupational sphere. I admire the point you made about how assigning players occupations will have them experience different struggles that they would have never considered. Yet, I believe that this can also be accomplished by bestowing the players the freedom to choose their occupations. Like reality, we can choose what we want to do. But unlike reality, this game has the potential to structure itself in a way where our subconscious doesn't make the career decision with any restrictions in mind. Because of the decrees establishing no inheritance, no marriage and no land rights, there is freedom to make occupation decisions based on genuine interest and not just monetary security. Allowing players to choose encourages the idea of having the heart to work, and doing it because it's what they like to do. If the concern lies in how players will experience difficulties in society, then they are bound to learn it through any profession that they choose. Whether becoming a doctor, lawyer, artist or even a circus performer, these players should be given the opportunity to decide for themselves WHAT they'll become so that they can ultimately be held responsible for all consequences that come with it. While the game should allow players to choose their occupations, it should have them all begin from the same starting point. The methods that players take to move toward their particular desired careers will be the true game.

Asia Camagong
Undergraduate Student
University of California, San Diego
COCU177: Critical Computer Game Studies