Can players be negatively ranked by other players?

Can players can be negatively ranked by other players if they fail to follow the game rules, and if enough players request this, the player will be temporarily or permanently banished.

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Players should not be negatively ranked by other players if they fail to follow the game rules, and they should not be banished due to other players’ requests. The space of gaming refers to the diverse place for us, the players as whole to accomplish and participate in the shared activity and experience, which make significant connections to our actual social experiences in the real life. Since each individuals has different living experience, personality, morality, and values in their real life which can possibly reflects to the way that they participate and act in the society, as well as in the gaming space in virtual world. Due to different of reasons, players might not be able to follow the game rules, such as lack of gaming knowledge and vocabulary. Since the virtual world is an opened space for players all over the world to make interactions and possible sociocultural exchanges, players should deserve equal opportunities and rights in terms of participating it freely. No one particular group of players should dominate the entire gaming space and make decisions for excusing or segregating their players; because it would limit the opportunity for possible cultural exchanges among players, as well as destroy the diversity of virtual world.

I personally agree that as players we can rank other players negatively or possitively, but I am not sure whether we should ban the players who get the negative rank since everyone should have the equal rights to enjoy the game. I think that the system the Xbox live using should be a succesful model of how the player-based rank system should go, so if I feel that this certain player bothers me enough, I can vote this player as "I dislike him", which means that the system would make less chance for us to meet together on xbox live in the future. In the process, the right on both side is protected, as a player I have the right to choose who I want to play with and not want to play with. On the other hand, the player I "hate" also have the right to enjoy the game since this player also paid money to buy the game and log in the xbox live even though this player's in game behaviors are not acceptble for my aspect. I think that a player should be banned only when they cheat on the game, for instance, using a cheating add-on or boost to get skill streaks, those behavors are not only a harm for other players but also a destory for the balance and justice of a game.

While we seem to favor ranking players based on their accomplishments and contributions to the game, in terms of positive aspects of the game we must not forget the negative ones as well. I think that a player should not be able to negatively rank another player for any reason because this can ruin the game's atmosphere. The game strives to create a positive and educational environment and by allowing players the opportunity to rank other players negatively, I feel this would essentially ruin this positive vibe and create problems within the game itself. One of the possible risks of allowing players to rank other players negatively is that it runs the risk of evolving into a much larger dispute. If two players are having problems due to this negative ranking then that in turn could evolve into a much larger dispute between all players creating factions and clicks that should be avoided.

I absolutely agree with this. You should have to learn to avoid such players or people by your own experience by default. Having a rating system such as Stars would essentially throw a player to the sharks. This setting could create some false perception about a player, inhibiting their progress and potentially decreasing their drive to play. Much like rumors, it doesn't take much effort to plant a bad image about someone and set it into circulation. If a player(s) really does have increasing issues with another and really does find it upon themselves as a duty to warn others, then yeah, maybe it is acceptable to "spread the word" via other forms of communication (word of mouth, forums, networking, friends, etc), but forcing a player to wear other players' statements on their sleeves just calls for players giving other players crap ratings just because they are more successful (for legitimate reasons OR not).