Should some players have access to useful information and locations to which other players do not have access?

Should some players (government agents, terrorists, or activist leaders) have access to useful information and locations to which other players do not have access?

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I think that having a separation is a good measure of individualism. This situation may perhaps be more geared toward a team or group, but the idea that each team or group has a defining aspect is key. Take for example the world and it's countries. There are things that each country has that other countries don't know about or have access to. Things that may or may not be good. For example, Iran won't let other countries know where their nuclear warheads are. This information would be useful for the rest of the world in order to have a sense of security (knowing that they have them), but Iran isn't going to divulge this information. Within a game, this makes sense. For a Team A vs. Team B game, B might have their own strategy, but if they have to share it with Team A, then A would know how to defend against it. It comes down to game theory as well. Plus in this day and age, the world has a sense of every man for himself. An interesting idea about having information exclusive to one group is that it could potential create links between groups when they do decide to share information with each other. But that's another topic in itself.

I believe that players should have access to different things based ON the occupation they choose. If you want to be a terrorist, you should have information only terrorists would know, likewise if you were part of the government, you should only know whats going on in the government and not whats going on in terrorist groups. The point of different occupations in my opinion is to separate the type of player, and if you were to make information readily available to everybody, there might as well not be any different occupations, with differences being only in things like cosmetics.

i believe that some players should have access to useful information and locations to which other players do not have access. the point of the game is strategy and developing your skills to out play other competitors. as you keep playing, you should be rewarded with points, information, advantages, etc. others who do not play the game as often or succeed as much as you do should not be rewarded for not doing the work. if the game is to be realistic and have a goal in mind, then prizes should be given.

I disagree with this in that typical games are about strategy and developing your own skills to overshadow your competition. However, in this particular game, as stated below, this game is about a community and what people, as a whole, can do to create a tangible alternate world that could possibly be practiced in the real world. This game should not be based on award that better only yourself but should be based on an award system that helps everyone in the game so that they can work together to create this world. You do have a point, however, in that reality is based on being awarded - such as bonuses at work. But, bonuses at work are only limited to the type of company and how much effort one puts into a company. A chef could be overworked but not receive any bonus while a secretary at a company who has out-shined their colleagues but may have not worked as hard as the chef receives a bonus or raise.

I don’t agree that some players should have access to useful information and locations while others don’t have such access. A game is about strategy and developing skills, but it does not need to be about competition if the goal of the game is about striving towards a world that lessens global violence and inequality, which can be achieved by having incentives where players can see the benefits of helping others.

However, in the real world people do not all share the same information. That is one of the reasons that lead to conflicts. Therefore, the challenge for players would be to create a world that lessens global violence and inequality within this misalignment of information between players. It would also be fun to have diversity between different classes of characters through limited information and location access.