Should player outcomes be weighted based on time playing the game, so that newcomers aren't crushed by more experienced players?

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No, player outcomes should not be weighted on the time they spend playing the game due to the fact that this creates an inequality that is not measured on achievement but rather insignificant aspects such as time spent participating. I believe that in creating this game we should seek efficiency and quality of work rather than quantity and the time spent playing the game. Player outcomes should reflect active participation in terms of productivity and hard work.

perhaps newcomers to the game would automatically have to becomes an existing player's assistant.

depending on whether all players will each rule their own country. or if players will be in some sort of profession in the same country. new comers could becomes vice-leaders or apprentices until they yield enough "power" be it points or game money, to start their own country or profession.

i guess this would yield a dual game aspect, where you have to master the first level in order to be able to play the bigger game.

but this would provide for other players (be it leaders of other countries, other professionals, other businesses) from being able to crush the weaker newcomer.