If player avatars are randomly assigned, they should be Achievers (want to achieve defined goals and further their character)

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If a player must get a randomly assigned avatar it should be an acheiver to encourage realistic participation. I feel that people are naturally social in their unaltered status; as a newborn, we learn through interacting with others around us with the goal to further understand ourselves with the world that we are emerged in. This achiever avatar can/will enforce players to abandon his/her "self" as it has been established in the reality and truely participate in the game as the way it is designed. The characteristics of an Achiever avatar, in my opinion, is closest to a person who is free-willed and uninfluenced by politics. Players can ultilize the functions and designs of the game most greatly with the achiever avatars.

I agree and disagree your arguments. First, i have to agree that an achiever avatar will allow the players to participate with the game and utilize the functions and designs of the game to its fullest. However, the part that i disagree with is how you argue that people are naturally social. People "may" be naturally social, but achiever avatars are assumed to be not interested in social interactions and are only interested in acting on the game world. So I believe that if players are given an achiever avatar, we would not have the social interaction which I feel is necessary in a massive online game such as this. Achievers are the players who play this game as if it was a single player game and only interact with the game environment and not the other players. If a game that is designed to be played by many players all over the world lacks social interactions, I feel that the game would be very lacking in what it wants to offer to the players which in part would be interacting with other players. So achievers would lack the social interactions that you say is necessary in order to truly participate in the game.

I disagree with your argument that "if players are given an achiever avatar, we would not have the social interaction which I feel is necessary" because I think assigning that role to players does not exclude them from being socializers as well. I think that there are gray zones, as mentioned in lecture today, and that often players switch between their different roles. I agree that limiting social interactions would be bad for a game like this, but I do not think that assigning someone to a role of achiever permanently excludes them from being a socializer as well. For example, I think WOW is an example of an MMO that encourages players to be achievers by placing importance on quests, but that's not to say that people don't play within those bounds and become socializers as well during their gameplay.

I think it is a good idea to first assign player avatars to be Achievers as they start the game because the characteristics of Achievers can help players to get a good idea of the game through exploring and achieving goals. Then after they have done all explorations and have achieved a certain amount of goals then they can decide if they want to be Killers or Socialites. Even in the later stage of the game when players have either chosen to have assigned Killer avatars or assigned Socialite avatars, I think it is still important to keep some characteristic of Achievers. I think if players become Achievers first, they will be exposed to the values of achieving a goal and furthering their characters. And hopefully, they can adopt these characteristics to real life.

In a real society there are achievers and under-achievers even among the wealthy, so to ignore half (or at least 30%) of the population is ridiculous.

Randomly assigned player avatars should be achievers because having goals and ways to further their character will be the most invoking and realistic for users. Players will need to advance their characters through cooperating with other characters at times and sometimes by cheating or harming others. It will create a realistic, interactive environment, and players will have the stimulating challenge of putting their wits and strategies to the test of furthering their character. Avatars assigned as killers would be quite interesting and entertaining, but this would undermine the premise of the game, resembling more of a Grand Theft Auto type of game rather than a realistic political alternative version of the world we live in. Therefore, it would be best to have avatars as achievers, which is most reflective of how people would characterize themselves in real life. Most people generally have goals in life and work out strategies of how to achieve these goals. This is how the online game should operate as well to coincide most closely with real life.