Should the game include a news feed of other players' status?

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While I agree that transparency is a good idea in terms of the sociopolitical world, I doubt that this would be very realistic. The U.S.A. and the Soviet Union did not release its secret information to each other during the Cold War, after all. Assuming that AgoraXChange relies on a state-related pedagogical framework I would assume that these in-game states would not be transparent either, simply for political and "winning" reasons. I like the idea of the news feed but it must be realistic in some fashion-- meaning you must be able to hide things and lie about things. It must have an in-game function, as though players were playing political poker. Otherwise, what's the use? Let's be practical.

In today's world, social networking is a big part of many people's daily lives. Incorporating a social networking aspect to the game allows players to brag about their achievements, thus giving the game more competition as well as purpose.
Also, I think players would appreciate the history log of their achievements and game play.

While I do agree that social networking plays a major role in our lives today, I think that having a news feed can create many potential problems. One of them being: what language would the news feed be in? Yes it would be helpful and informative if players could gauge the skill level of other players and thus get a feel for their competition. However, I think having a news feed would only be useful to a small handful of people - those who are able to read it. If this game really was to become a massive multiplayer game, the language of the news feed would greatly limit the amount of information that players can view about each other.

Yes, including some sort of ranking of other players' status for accumulated points allows for players to set goals and compete. Competition allows for some challenge and some sort of gauge or measurement to see how other players fair compared with you.

No, that creates too much competition

A little bit of friendly competition is actually a good thing in a game. Striving to do better in the game than your peers in one of the biggest motivations of online gamers. Also, it does not only bring about competition, but a news feed may also bring a more communal vibe to the game. One which players share, socialize, and help each other in the game.