Should each player have a house or homepage that automatically pops up when they log in?

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I am also against a fully personal house for each player, I think players should have basic controls maybe the format and images that would appear on their home page but it should still be limited to a certain extent. I think this is the main reason that certain companies such as MySpace have failed because if other people were to come to someone else's page too much customization would make interaction with other players too cumbersome

Allowing each player a unique "house" or homepage that the player is free to customize and personalize adds a personal element to the gamer's experience. With a customized house or homepage, players can also give themselves or their avatars an individualized identity that would play into their game image or reputation. It will also give players a chance to take on different personas if their avatar differs greatly from their actually personality and engage each player by allowing them to add a personalized look, identity, and role to their game alias.

It just seems like another replication of the other games that we see online. I thought the point of this site was to come up with a game that was different from the typical online games like Sims or even the more elementary games like Neopets, or social networking sites where you have your own avatars and homepages, customization tools, etc. There needs to be a little something more, something different that would make this game stand out and attract players from the popular games that are already out there and already have these same features that you listed.