Should there be a time requirement for requirement for players to remain active?

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There shouldn't be a time requirement because the players themselves have lives outside of the game and have things to attend to when they are not playing the game. The time requirement would only limit the type of players that would be playing the game and not have the diverse group of players that the game would need to prosper and grow. The ability of being able to log on whenever one wants and not have the burden of having to remember to log on during a busy week because their account could be deactivated gives a player the incentive to come back and rejoin the world of the game while still living their daily lives.

If we do implement a log in time requirement, this may be helpful in disallowing others, who are not very interested or educated in global politics, to make comments and play the game..

This is an interesting point because it shows that not only would a time requirement turn off a lot of people because of the dedication of time it requires, but it would also stop a certain type of person from playing the game. Those that are not extremely dedicated/interested in politics would be more likely to leave the game if a time requirement were in place and would thus create a higher percentage of users that are specialized in politics. This would then cause the diversity of the user base to be lowered, which is not ideal because we want to have a varied audience participating in the game.

I voted no. At the end of the day, this is a game. People should play because they want to, not out of worry that they will lose experience in the game. People often take breaks from a game days, months, or even years at a time, but that doesnt mean they wont play again. implementing a time requirement will cause people to stop playing, which seems a bit counter productive. personally, if i were to invest a bunch of time in the game and reach a "master level" (whatever that means in this game), I would probably get bored at some point and want to take a break. that doesnt mean that later on i wouldnt play again. however, If my character then starts losing experience because im inactive, Id quit. In response to what daniel said, i think the only incentive that people should need to play this game is that they think its fun. punishing people who dont have an incentive to stay active wouldnt give them an incentive. If they wanted to play, they would. so theres no need for implementing a time requirement.

Lopez's post was thought provoking and persuasive. I share the same belief that games should not set a time restriction for a player to remain active because that would take away from the purpose of playing a game out of pure joy and entertainment. Games would probably set this time requirement in order to maintain a minimum number of active players and to continue its popularity among gamers, but a time limit could actually cause the opposite effect. Players may feel an obligation to play and collect points to maintain their membership rather than immerse themselves in the game because they actually want to. At the same time, implementing a time restriction may push players to explore other types of games as well instead of just sticking to one. Once a player is deactivated, he or she might be motivated to find a new game with new challenges that test other skills.

The purpose of a game is to slip away from our reality and play during our leisure time, not to create a game that requires a certain amount of log ins. By having a time requirement for players to remain active, especially if the game requires players to log in on a daily or even weekly basis, seems to me like work in disguise, not leisure. If having a time requirement is for the purpose of opening up space or getting rid of unused/old accounts, then I agree with max that the time requirement should be closer to a year to two years. Other than that, I believe that a truly good game will naturally draw players on a weekly or daily basis and would not need this short time requirement in order to remain active.

While an actual time requirement may be overkill the idea still has merit. Since the game in all likelihood will use some sort of point system it might be better to have inactive players (such as those who leave their profiles inactive for over a week) to slowly lose points. Thus there is an incentive to stay active in the game without giving a clear advantage to those who have the time to log on to their account daily.

I do not believe it is necessary for there to be a time requirement for players to remain in the game. I can not think of any good reason to create a time requirement. However, if we are to implement a time requirement for logging in it should be much longer than a day or a week. It should be more closer to a year to two years. If we do implement a log in time requirement, this may be helpful in disallowing others, who are not very interested or educated in global politics, to make comments and play the game.
In addition, if we do make a time requirement, how are those individuals supposed to get back in the game? Can they re-activate their account or would they have to create a whole new account? I think these are important questions that should be considered.