What should be the game's tone?

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The downside of having a game be "postive and encouraging, with players seeing the benefits of helping others" is that players tend to be reliant on others in order to succeed. Being a competitive gamer, I like making other players my "rivals" to encourage myself to become a better player. I also like the whole idea of having a ranking system as well to see where you stand amongst other players.

"..it would be interesting to observe how players see the benefits of helping others in an alternative world.."

This is the exact reason why I voted for a positive and encouraging game tone. Our real world is competitive and stressful enough, and a game that gives players the opportunity to experience a different reality from ours can allow us to witness how players would interact and respond to one another in this alternate world. I think it'd be interesting to see the long term effects of a civil and empathetic society, but my main concern is whether or not the positive and encouraging game tone could be upheld, and if so, if it could last indefinitely? I've witnessed players who play for fun, and players who take games very seriously, and I think that in every game, there are always players who are considered to be extremely competitive. If there are competitive players who might disturb the game's tone by taking advantage of those who are civil and empathetic, then I'm not sure how long this positive and encouraging game tone will last since it is in our nature to be competitive (survival of the fittest).

I agree that while in a real environment this type of relationship between people (players) would be difficult, the idea behind the manifesto seems to be a global consciousness and striving toward widespread change -- this cannot be accomplished with people working toward personal gain, and the decrees and manifesto could not effectively be instated with such a mentality.

Looking at how the founders envision agoraXchange as the new media version of More’s Utopia, the tone of the game should be positive and encouraging because this type of ideology leans more on creating an egalitarian society without feudal privileges as well as lessening the global violence and inequality that the decrees propose. Although competition can fuel a community, particularly its economy, it is difficult to avoid hierarchies, which subsequently lead to inequalities, when competition is one way of maintaining different ranks. Furthermore, since agoraXchange is an online experiment that focuses on the dynamics of social systems, it would be interesting to observe how players see the benefits of helping others in an alternative world (rather than the competitive and stressful setting that the real world is subject to). This different system of incentives and rewards that structures the behaviors of users by giving them virtually tangible and visible results might show how an optimistic and motivating outlook might help in real life.

Like any system that places values on work ethic or accomplishments, the system for this game should be competitive and stressful. I think that while we desire a positive and encouraging environment with players helping other players out, that is unlikely to occur when we begin to consider things such as accomplishments, rewards, and wealth.

slo65928 makes an excellent point here - a game is, by it's very nature, somewhat competitive and stressful. Players need some form of encouragement (accomplishments, rewards, or wealth) along with a fun factor to actually enjoy the game. While it would be great to have a positive and encouraging tone to the game, providing that in a game based around a close representation of the real world might be tricky.
In addition, If you portray your own fictional world in such a positive manner, some might say that this is systemic bias toward your own beliefs - you're portraying your own decrees and manifesto as leading to this positive and happy world. If, however, the happy world emerged from a chaotic and stressful world through the Decrees, that would be a somewhat simulationist result and may be worth looking in to as a real alternative to our current systems.

Although things like accomplishments, rewards and wealth require some form of competition that can be stressful, a positive and encouraging environment can be another way of obtaining rewards and wealth if players will be helping each other out.

The tone should be positive and encouraging, with players seeing the benefits of helping others because we want people to be civil and empathetic. I think the global politics game would be most successful if people were to help one another so I think that it would be best if the game encouraged them to help others.

I agree that the decrees emphasize citizens who are civil and empathetic, which cannot be carried out entirely if its players are competitive and stressed out all the time. The competition can bring about “cheats” in order to advance or lack of participation if they feel like they cannot obtain rewards. A positive and encouraging environment would motivate players to stay civil and empathetic by helping each other out while seeing the benefits of it.