Should the game target a university audience, or a more general one?

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Initially, the target should be a smaller, focused group. The idea right now is too broad and too abstract to be executed to a general audience. With a university audience, the creators will at least be able to have certain expectations of what their userbase shall be like. After some fine tuning, the creators could simply retool the game for a more general audience. Or they could take what they have learned from the university audience and completely alter their execution for a more broader userbase. There are some ideas that can target the general audience, but this is not one of them. The scope is too abstract to have a concrete working model for all people from all walks of life right off the bat.

I think this game should be geared toward the general public because targeting a university audience would limit the amount of people that this game would reach. The whole game is all about breaking new ground, establishing a new type of game, and challenging the the structure of the games that exist today. Opening the game up to everyone will allow for this innovative type of game to known by many people, where more people can contribute and help shape the game. Also, that would allow for the game to have a larger culture impact as well.

I think that the game should at first target a university audience. It will be easier to get it “off the ground” if the target is more confined than trying to target an audience as vague as the “general public”. A university already has a large range of cultures and personalities so the audience would be diverse enough at least for the beginning phases of the game’s development. Once the game has a significant user base and is stable enough, the target can expand to a more general one and possibly include areas of different languages as well in order to better resemble the real world's diversity and cultures.

The game should target a general audience in order to have an accurate depiction of the world population in order to place it under large-scale interactive dynamic social systems that strive toward alleviating global violence and inequality. A university audience is a “bubble,” an environment with its own specific functions and goals that can easily be closed out to the real world. Its members are mostly comprised of full of students striving toward good grades or finishing their dissertation, researchers pumping out publications and grants, professors organizing course materials, and staff members trying to maintain the university. Since the goal of agoraXchange is to place a large community under specific standards and philosophies in order to see how it works out, it needs a general audience that represents the current world order – not a university audience that only represents a portion of the general audience and has specific objectives that not all citizens of the world are concerned with.

Although I agree that the game should target a more general audience rather than just a university audience, striving to "obtain an accurate representation of the world population" raises a few questions to me. Firstly, if the way of obtaining a better representation requires participation from a world audience, does that mean there must be a universal standard language that we must learn and follow by in order to play this game since this game is a virtual game of words? Or will there be a language translator? And if there is a universal language, would it be English or some other language that is already in existence, or should we fabricate a whole new language system? How can a better representation of the world population be created? My second concern would be the dissemination of this global political game. How would this game be introduced to the “general audience”? Is the general audience everyone else that does not belong in the category of “university”? Perhaps there should be more categories to choose from in the voting section.

You bring up a good point of what the definition of a general audience is. There is a big challenge in reaching out to a general audience since not all representative members of a general audience may play in the game, thus making it difficult to have a general audience. And if the goal is to target a general audience, what about those who do not have the technology and other means necessary to play the game?

The game should target a more general audience because the game should strive to obtain an accurate representation of the world population. If the game was to only target the university audience it would leave out large chunks of the worlds population including many intellectuals who could potentially have positive political influence on game and its players.
In addition, I feel that in order to create a realistic game it is incredibly important to create the setting/atmosphere of the real world by allowing all populations a chance to contribute. Indeed, this is meant to be a global political game without targeting all audiences it can not be considered a global political game.

I agree that the game should target a general audience in order to have an accurate representation of the citizens of the world so that they can all contribute to the social and political dynamics of the game.