Should a narrating voice of a famous person come in when someone requests help, to provide humor?

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It's easy. Think about it. Why would someone choose an ordinary person or a nobody's voice to be the narrator when the option of a famous person is available? I would choose a voice that I recognize any day, hands down. For example, I feel like Tracy Morgan is in a bunch of commercials and that his voice is everywhere. Every time his voice comes up, I laugh to myself because I know its him. It's entertaining and makes everything fun. In a game, I do not see why not it won't make it more entertaining and amusing. I don't know if people are familiar with "SIRI" in the new Iphone 4s. But think about this, if Siri's voice is the voice of someone famous, That would be unbelievable and funny. In a game, when you request help, it takes stress off of you, because if you're requesting help, you're probably a little stuck and can't do it on your own. Having a voice that you recognize makes it so much funner. In commercial and advertisements, people try to get famous people so that customers and buyers would find it more appealing. In a way, they use the celebs to sell their product. I would definitely pick a game with a famous person's voice in it over any game that just has a normal voice. It's a pretty easy decision.

Yes, this is very true, but in the end it depends on the budget of the game. Getting famous people to narrate costs a lot of money compared to just using a non-famous voice actor. You also lose out on those players who don't even recognize the famous voice to begin with.

I agree with you on all points - having a famous person's voice doing the voice acting for the help "narration" is a no-brainer. It makes the game more welcoming, as the concept of the game seems as though it might be somewhat intimidating to some players because of its scale and its in-game social and political implications. A celebrity voice provides some level of comfort , lightness, and humor for a game that deals with some rather serious topics.

I agree with the above comments that it would make the game a little lighter and entertaining. This reminds me of documentaries with famous people narrating the and, for some reason, it always seems just a bit more interesting. I think it would given an appealing factor to people just exploring the game and trying to figure out what it is about. Adding a bit of humor to the game would allow indidividuals to enjoy playing the game and not be so intent on the seriousness of the fame itself.

I agree with you that this would make the game more entertaining. Documentaries seem to always be more intriguing to me if there is some famous narrating. I also think that it would make the game more popular if someone famous was narrating. It may attract more users who think 'hey if this person is narrating than it must be an interesting game.' A quality in the game like this would make it less serious and a bit more fun. I do not think that this is the only quality that the game needs to be entertaining though. To go along with the commentary the graphics and sound also need to be engaging.

I also agree that a narrating voice should come in when someone requests help. It definitely adds a lighter tone to the game and a bit of humor. It does not necessarily have to be from someone famous, though (but I am sure that would definitely add to some of the appeal and attractiveness to the game.) It also might be interesting if the voice responds to something a player did (either in the positive or in the negative) to mimic a dialogue with a friend or even just the "internal dialogues" people can have with their conscience in determining what is the most appropriate thing to do in a particular situation.

I agree it may add a lighter, fun element to the game. However, having a voice sound from above when a user needs is to religious in conotation for me.

Yes, I think it would definitely add a fun element to the game. I think that people would enjoy playing the game more if it had its funny moments.