disagreement with decrees

The problem in not granting inheritance lies with peoples natural desire to give. People desire to express their love to others by giving, and this is often done to one's offspring. So while I understand why inheritance wouldn't be expected, to ban it would be to infringe upon a human beings natural desire. If inheritance wouldn't be allowed, than any sort of transfer of money shouldn't be allowed either. Because the ideal is the same - one is wealthy based upon who you know or love. Unless this game makes us all into emotionless drones, which I don't believe it is trying to do, then I believe that there is no way to control the transfer of money.

I disagree, I believe that is the poor that benefit the most from gaining an inheritance. This is because those with an inheritance are more likely to cherish and value their inheritance. If you look at people who gain an inheritance, they usually do one of a few things with their inheritance, squander their inheritance or build up their inheritance,l. Now we can apply these outcomes to people who gain an inheritance from people of wealth/power and those who gain an inheritance to those who come from poverty/weak. If you have inherent your wealth and power, you essentially have much to loose and little to gain (you can lose your entire inheritance if you squander your inheritance and you can loose your inheritance if you try to build upon it, but fail). However, if you don't come from wealth or power. then you much to gain. There is nothing much left that you have to loose and you have much to gain. The inheritance allows the power/weak a stepping stone to build up you wealth.

I think the idea of a global fund goes the very concept of free will. Why should I as a player contribute to another person's success, especially if it's someone I dislike. I think everyone in the world is needy and there is no one way of deciding who should get what? It does suck that not everyone is born on the same footing but everyone it is important that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed.

The problem that I forsee with inheritance is that those with political or social power - albeit, who have earned it - pass down this power with their money to their children. This is how certain people are considered politically legitimate and are catered to who are merely banking off the accomplishments of their mothers or fathers. We need to think of an alternative way to reward or encourage people to continue to play the game "with their heart and soul," as you say.

The idea of a global fund would be interesting to consider. Perhaps, if there absolutely needed to be some sort of inter-generational inheritance then this fund would balance it. I wonder who would be in charge of this fund - who decides/defines "needy" people?