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yoon.177.su7 years 49 weeks agoVotingRank the environmental effects that should be weighed heaviest (1 being heaviest). 5
hsieh.177.an7 years 50 weeks agoVotingWhat would different cultures include, if states could have different cultural representations? 2
hsieh.177.an7 years 50 weeks agoVotingShould power be distributed within a country? 1
stanton.177.an7 years 50 weeks agoVotingShould players be able to create game objects that assist them, such as houses, clothes, food? 5
chang.177.ra7 years 50 weeks agoVotingHow should points be used? 3
hsuhanchao8 years 28 weeks agoVotingSuccess should be measured by a state's economic standing. 2
James Bryce8 years 28 weeks agoVotingSuccess should be measured by how many citizens a state acquires. 1
Yu Sun8 years 28 weeks agoForumideas for the game 3
kpaulino9 years 44 weeks agoVotingRank the factors that should be weighted most heavily in determining the variation among states (1 is heaviest). 2
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